Ways to Save Money on Your Household Energy Bills

With the current economic situation being what it is at the present time, it would be silly not to look for ways to save money on your household energy bills, of course, household heating and energy bills are unavoidable.

However, there are ways you can lower these energy bills without shutting off your heating completely.

One : Try and use your central heating only when it is needed, switching your heating on and off just because you are feeling a little chilly is a sure way to increase your heating bills.

Two :  If you have an old boiler, consider having it replaced with a new one. Older boilers do take longer to heat a home as they tend to run a lot slower and use more energy. This will certainly add to your overall heating costs.

Three :  Set your thermostat a couple of degrees lower.  Keeping the thermostat temperature at around 19 degrees Celsius (66 degrees Fahrenheit) can be very cost effective. For every degree over this will see your heating costs rise by 8%

Four :  Make sure that you don’t switch off the heating completely when you are out. Doing this enables the home’s temperature to drop roughly the same as it is outside, which will only result in having to use more energy to reheat the house again, by turning the thermostat down by around 10 or so degrees will mean that you will not need to use much energy to regain the heat when you return home.plumbers in croydon and surrey digital thermostat

Five :  Invest in a digital or programmable thermostat, one that can be set up to run at various temperatures during different times during the day. Having one of these fitted will go a long way in helping you to reduce any unnecessary and expensive energy consumption as well as ensuring that your home remains nice and warm when required.

Six :  Make sure that your home is properly insulated. This is probably the major cause of heat loss and energy consumption in the home. Having doors and windows that are not fitted or sealed correctly is the same as leaving a window open in the middle of winter.
Draught excluders around doors, letterboxes and cat flaps go a long way in conserving heat as well as replacing old style windows and doors with newer double glazed versions. Find out where your drafts are by holding a lighted candle around doors, windows etc.

Seven :  Don’t have the heating on all night; many people typically believe that they need to switch the heating on just before they go to bed, just in case they awake during the middle of the night feeling a little cold.
This is not the case, in fact the human body is actually better equipped at sleeping at considerably reduced temperatures than you may realise, which means that having the heating on at night is pretty much unnecessary. And if you do think that you may feel cold you can always add an extra blanket

Eight :  Radiators are the main supply of heat in homes, so the last thing you want to do is obstruct them. Do not place furniture in front or place clothing on top of radiators as this will just make the radiator work harder to heat a room.

Nine :  Attaching some tin or aluminium foil behind each of your radiators can certainly make them heat any room more proficiently and also enable you to turn them down a little.
Simply just fix the foil on the wall by means of sticky tape or perhaps wallpaper glue, and ensure the shiny part is as near the radiator as you possibly can.
This particular method works by simply reflecting the heat into the room as opposed to allowing it to escape through any walls.

Ten :  Always keep all of the doors shut as well as closing off any rooms not being used, that way you are only heating the rooms which you are using.
Also make sure that close all the curtains whenever it begins to get dark, however keep them open throughout the day in order to allow any sunlight in which will help warm the house also.