Ways to Resolve Noisy Pipes

Have you ever noticed different sounds or noises that seem to come from the pipes in your water system? There are however, many ways to resolve noisy pipes. The majority of noisy pipes can be fixed without having to call in a plumber to do the work.

In the event you notice loud knocking or banging sounds whenever you turn your water on, it is more than likely that your water pipes are hitting against something.

Do you notice a your pipes rattling loudy every time someone flushes the toilet? If so,this could mean that the ballcock or shut off valve may need replacing.
What about when you turn on your tap, do you hear a rattling noise? If you do, the chances are that the tap washer will need replacing.

Banging noises coming from your pipes tend to be a lot easier to fix if you can actually see them. First you will need to turn your water on and see if you can detect any movement.
Once you have discovered where the source of the banging is coming from, the next step is to prevent it from happening again.

If the pipes are located behind the walls, you should still be able to fix the problem without having to start ripping your home apart. Simply put some foam padding at both ends where the water pipe appears from behind your wall.

In so many instances, a moving water pipe has just come loose from its fixing clip or clamp and is knocking against another pipe or the wall it was originally fixed to.
In order to eradicate this noise, simply slice a bit of old gardening hose pipe or even cut out a piece of rubber and then place this behind the particular strap or clip in order to fill all of the gap.

If the pipes are hitting any kind of masonry wall you can still silence them by wedging a small block of timber in between the wall and the pipe.
Fasten this block on to the wall using masonry nails and fit the water pipe on to the block using pipe clips.

In cases where the particular knocking takes place only if you switch on your hot water, is a possible indication that your water heaters temperature may be set way too high. This noise is normally attributed to heavy steam rumbling throughout your hot water system.  Just by turning down the heating settings probably will silence your noisy pipes.

Any pipe which is too small to start with or perhaps which has now become clogged up with scale and mineral deposits is also likely to become a substantial noise issue.

It is actually extremely difficult to clear clogged pipes, and you also have to replace pipe which is too small in order to stop the particular noise.

It is possible to minimize the noise levels connected with blocked pipes significantly by means of wrapping each pipe in sound proof insulation.