Loft Insulation

Have you contemplated having your loft insulated but never got round to doing it?

It is advisable to start thinking about loft insulation during the summer months so that when winter finally arrives, your home will be warm and well insulated, which will also help to lower your  heating bills.

So why is loft insulation so important?

Well, If you think along the lines that heat rises, where do you think you are going to lose the majority of your homes heat? thats right..through the roof and loft area.

Now with a well insulated loft area, the heat is not going to be able to escape and will help keep your home a lot warmer than if it was not insulated.

The loft area can take up to a third of a homes unused spare space, because heat rises, insulating a loft can be especially effective, in fact it estimated that you could save up to 20% off your heating bill by having your loft insulated.
So whether or not you decide to make use of this space, it is going to be a lot more energy efficient if you have had it insulated.

So dont you think it is about time that you thought about having your loft insulated in order to save both wasted energy and money on your current heating bills ?

Make that important change right now, you will not regret it.