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Hello!  Welcome to Plumbers in Croydon and Surrey.

plumbers in croydon and surrey blow torchI know you are thinking that this is a strange title for a website, there is however, a good reason behind choosing this combination of words.

And the reason being, if a homeowner in Croydon or Surrey requires a plumber for any plumbing work they need doing, whether it be a simple tap washer that needs replacing or a complete heating system installed, there is going to be very good chance that if you are using the internet to search for this type of service, you are going to type into your browser something like “plumbers in Croydon”, “plumbers in surrey” or even “plumbers in Croydon and Surrey” in order to get search results for plumbers in these areas.

And, I wanted you the homeowner to find my site, because unlike many of the other sites that will appear in the search results, I don’t work for or own a plumbing company.

No, in fact, I am an impartial consumer and homeowner who was in a similar situation as you, and who had a bad experience after looking for, and hiring a local  plumbing contractor in my area.
plumber ad animationSo much so, that I decided to create this website in order to help others in a similar situation to the one I was in when I needed some urgent plumbing sorted out.

Now first of all, I am not about to slate any plumbers or plumbing companies out there, but I will be making a solid recommendation for two very good, fully qualified, honest plumbers in Croydon and Surrey who will take care of all your plumbing needs for you if and when you require their services.

In addition, I want this site to try and educate the homeowner a little about how their plumbing system works, while at the same time, giving a little information and knowledge so you can confidently carry out a few minor repairs, or, if like many a homeowner you are a little nervous about plumbing and water pipes, at least be able to make an informed decision about hiring reliable plumbers in the Croydon and Surrey areas.

So, if you are having problems with noisy pipes, dripping taps, or anything in between, then this site will definitely be of interest to you.

At one point I didn’t know a compression fitting from an elbow…maybe you don’t either?
Not to worry!  I will try to cover some of these plumbing terms and their uses on the different pages of this site.

We will also take a quick look at how you’re plumbing and heating system works and what are some of the most common problems homeowners have with their plumbing systems.
What the EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) stands for, and how you could save money on your heating bills.

More importantly, this website will help homeowners hire plumbers in Croydon and Surrey that are honest and professional.plumbers in croydon and surrey cowboy plumber

The last thing any one needs is for some cowboy to start mucking around with their water and gas system that could result in putting both  their home and family in potential danger.

Also, the prices plumbers charge for their services can vary greatly. And you could end up paying a lot more than you should have paid.

How does this come about, and how can you prevent this from happening?

Well, what is the first thing someone does when they need any type of plumbing work doing?…They pick up the local paper or telephone directory and phone the first plumbers number they see listed, without any prior knowledge of that person or their company’s credentials.

Now I know these can be a great source for advertising, and there are many very good and reputable plumbers and plumbing firms advertising using these methods, but it could also be a recipe for disaster for any unsuspecting homeowner.

There are some very basic rules that should be adhered to when choosing plumbers or heating engineers to carry out any work that needs doing.

plumbers in croydon and surrey gas safe logoIt is always advisable for any homeowner to check whether or not the plumbers they hire are gas safe registered (what used to be Corgi), or affiliated to other plumbing organisations such as APHC (Association of Plumbing and Heating Contractors) PHIA (Plumbing and Heating Industry Alliance) and the IDHEE (Institute of Domestic Heating and Environmental Engineers ) to name a few.

So welcome to the “plumbers in Croydon and Surrey” website, and I hope you, the homeowner, can find all the information you require on all aspects of plumbing and more importantly, where you can find reliable plumbers in Croydon and Surrey.



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